February 17, 2010

Shit Teh Web #2: Stand-Up Clips

Don’t really talk about this too often but I’ve been a fan of stand up comedy for a long ass time now. Back when I was a young teenager I would pretty much watch nothing but Comedy Central all day long while I smoked bud and ate casserole bowls full of Rice Krispie Treats cereal drenched in milk. All day marathons of Comedy Central Presents, followed by Dr Katz, the UK version of Whose Line and another showing of PCU, again. Yes those were the lazy days. How I miss them. Here’s a taste of what’s been making my gut bust recently while I down a few shots of the fire sauce.

Dave Chappelle – Grape Drink
A classic! Dave is spot on in this bit, with the voices and reactions, with his exuberance, and even just the looks he gets on his face when he’s saying all of it. When you think of Sunny D, thanks to Dave’s comments on that old commercial, you can’t help but think about that black kid in the back sayin’ “I want that purple stuff.”

Bill Burr – Muffins
Bill Burr is the man, plain and simple. His mockery voice and facial expressions just f’n classic, and it’s always great whenever he starts screamin’. Here, his girl has taken him to a street faire and he is rather displeased by how much it completely sucks… so he goes inside his own head to entertain himself.

Louis CK – Suck a Bag of Dicks
Louis CK is always talking about some grim shit… making everyday normal events seem nearly catastrophic in their annoyance and stupidity. When something so outlandish happens to him, such as a guy he cut off in traffic telling him to “Go Suck a Bag of Dicks!” he can’t help but ponder.

Pablo Francisco – Mitsubishi Ecstasy
Sweating like a virgin on prom night, PF goes all out and beyond in describing his unusual club experience…even getting into full on Darkness from Legend mode as the drug kicks in. This is truly entertainment at its finest. His entire show was recently featured on YouTube, and most likely probably still is.

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