March 2, 2014

Check out this Bourbon County poster!

Below is a photo of the awesome 11x17 Goose Island Bourbon County 2013 release poster that I just brought home and hung up. I was given this poster free of charge by one of the fine swill dealers at the liquor store down the street. After seeing it for a couple months every time I walked in the store I just couldn't take it anymore. I needed it! The beer had already come and gone so I figured what the hell and asked for it. He told me if I could get it off the wall without ripping it, then it's mine. A nice, though rather strange gesture. I placed it eye level next to the top shelf of my book collection.

I also got myself four new goblets. Two of them are pictured below and the other two will have to be a surprise. But you can expect some words on these very fine beers sometime soon. The Rochefort goblet is just OK, but that Westmalle glass is a thing of fucking beauty! It's absolutely massive.

Also, on a little bit of a side note... always do the smart thing when you have guests over. Let them use your less treasured glassware. Case in point, This Magic Hat Wacko pint glass... I have lesser favorite pint glasses of course, but this was far from special. I'm not a fan at all of anything Magic Hat, but I did really like the colors on this one. 


Anthony1138 said...

Good deal on the Bourbon County poster. It looks great next to the bookshelf. A couple of bottles of Bourbon County Barleywine and the Bava book would make for one hell of a fine evening.

Looking forward to your Rochefort and Westmalle reviews. I tried a bottle of Rochefort 10 not too long ago and thought it was a fine beer, but Abt 12 is better in my opinion. Still haven't tried Westmalle. I was tempted to drop $5 on a small bottle, but opted for a big bottle of Abt 12 for $10 instead. Next time...

Good call on the guest pint glass selection. I often serve guests who's ability to not spill a pint I'm unsure of out of a "lesser" glass (Magic Hat Vinyl or Bear Republic), never a "special" glass. Fortunately none have been broken, except a Rattle N Hum pint glass that I "borrowed" from a Sierra Nevada tap takeover. But that was the fault of a kitten named Damien (yes, as in the Omen), so all was forgiven.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Yeah, I've never actually broken one of my own glasses. My nephews sippy cup fell onto my first Ommegang glass and snapped the stem in half which really sucked, and now this one cracked when being tapped against another pint glass.

When I see my 8 year old nephew drinking coke out of one of my pint glasses, I could really give a shit. But when he comes walking into the living room holding my Lucifer goblet, I go into fuckin' panic mode, man!!1 Like "Whoa whoa who the hell gave that to him?" Heh.

Cindy said...

It was really nice of you to take so much time with me today at Kappy's, your beer knowledge is incredible, you are like a walking encyclopedia of beer! And your recommendation of the Boddintons Pub Ale was perfect for my taste! I am loving it, great job! Thanks again! Slainte!

DrunkethWizerd said...

No problem. I had fun chatting with you today.

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