June 26, 2012

Get out of my dreams... get into my coffin!

Welcome to Part 1 of what is to become a series of screenshots from the sexiest show on paid television: True Blood! I'm not going to get into details here, just display the events as they have occurred, and if I post a scene "here or there", know that I most surely was hard and wet when it all played out. Still with me? Splendid. So let us begin.

Season 4, Episode 4: Eric suddenly shows up floating in front of Sookie's "window".

After they speak for a brief moment, she invites him in.

He smells her. She smells him... more of him than he expected actually.

Things get hot and heavy real quick with the violent kissing...

When suddenly, Sookie pulls open her robe and takes control.
She begins straddling the loathsome lonesome fellow.

 She teases and seemingly mocks Eric...

 ...aaaannnnndddd, I think we've all been there!

It feels good. Oh, and it also feels good to know that I'm not the only one jerking off to Anna Paquin here.
Apparently it's so common (yes Vampires too masturbate) that it happens in the show itself!
That really takes a load off. *shifty eyes*

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