March 29, 2014

Lucy Lawless goes Braless in Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010)

I just couldn't resist that title. ;) So today is Lucy's 46'th birthday, and buy gawd, 46 has never looked so incredibly fucking hot may I just politely say! Though I never really watched much Xena, at least never a full episode of the show, I had always been aware of Lucy Lawless and the sexual attraction I felt for her during my later teenage years. The Xena character never really "did it for me", but the actress herself had gained much attention for the role and seeing her in interviews and in the media I found her to be incredibly edibly... uhh, edible. She's definitely gotten hotter with age. Though she most surely bathes in milk baths, I'm certain that the blood of several virgins have somehow been integrated in there as well in order to keep her youthful appearance. And I'm not talkin' bout the blood of those X-Files watching Nerdgins (virgin nerds) who've offered themselves as sacrifice either.

In the "Spartacus" television series from Starz, Lucy plays a malicious, sadistic and totally cock hungry bitch named Lucretia who tortures every man and woman around her whom she deems lower than she. They are her toys, her slaves and more importantly, her sexual servants! Hot damn I'm getting wet just thinking about it. Here she speaks to her chocolate skinned clit-rubber (that's the job description I'm pretty sure) about the cock of Crixus, one she's been constantly ravishing for some time. Though her servant Naevia and Crixus are secretly in love, she must hold her tongue and listen. Well, until her tongue is required and demanded to come into play that is.

What fate does the sweet vag of Mira (Katrina Law) bestow upon one lucky enough to... hey wait a minute. This chick's last name is Law?! That's some hot stuff right there. The Lawless, ordering the Law what to do. I like that. And in this case, ordering her to go Fuck! And she better fuck good, oh yes, because if she doesn't there will be a hellfire burning redder than the wig on her Reina's head! Shit, I'm surprised that her eyes aren't glowing red in that below screenshot there. She's most surely got something sinister tucked up her sleeve. And since she's completely nude I think you know what I mean when I say "sleeve".

 Whatever Lucretia's plotting, by the look on her face, it must be deliciously Evil! 

Happy birthday Lucy. And happy birthday to those big sexy nipples of yours.

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