May 3, 2013

Mix-a-six Madness!

What do beer and porn have in common? Everything... when it's Beer Porn!

Overall this was a pretty nice haul. The only thing is, I didn't really get anything that I truly desired. Not to say that I'm not pleased with what I brought home, but the fact is I went out searching for a few things in particular, couldn't find them, and came up with a case of the pouty-pouts at the liquor store as I moped around for a solid thirty minutes. It was after all an hour long round trip, not including my sad time and stopping at other places. But enough of me being a total bitch... let's check out the inventory:

1. Stone's ENJOY BY (Batch #7). This was a separate store (non haul) purchase. This is the third time I drank this beer and I have reviewed it three times on this very website. CLICK to ENJOY it.

2. I just bought my very first Fantôme! It's their Christmas beer of course, which is the most expensive thing in that lineup. I've always wanted to try one of their brews and since I've got an affliction for snowmen that resemble ghosts... or wait, is that the other way around?

3. I was about to purchase LiVE about a month ago in a bomber, but the price climbed from 7 to 10 something bucks during the week so I said fuck that! I don't know if it was a mistake or what the hell was going on, but I do love me some Southern Tier and still wanted to try it. There I am a month later and it's eight dollars for a six pack and it comes with a Free pint glass w/ logo. Nicely done.

4. The Fantôme was part of my sixer-mixer. The other beers I just wanted to try without buying 4 or 6 packs. Being parts of a whole, these beers were significantly cheaper (though not necessarily cheap) than other big beers. Thirsty yet?

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