March 31, 2012

Testing out my new Nikon Coolpix S6200

My old digicam is something like ten years old. It's OK, but runs on AA batteries and is shit for anything close-up. So I figured it was about time to upgrade (Thanks Ashton!), what with me taking so many pictures and all lately. I'm pretty strapped but I got a decent model for a low price and it's capable of capturing a lot of detail (such as Cyberverse Commander Class Megatron's face, which is roughly half the size of my pinky fingernail). That review is coming a bit later. I'm still working on figuring it all out, and I've dumped about over 90% of the pictures I've taken so far.

I've learned a few things though: 1) I take better pics when I'm buzzed, as instead of shaking, I simply wobble slightly. 2) My apartment is dusty as fuck. 3) Getting a sharp detailed near 100% accurate photo without the flash ruining everything is hard as shit! Perhaps I should have bothered to read the instructions... nah. and 4) I'm never going to grow up.

My computer desk
Southern Tier Bottles (Still missing a few)
Soundwave and Ravage
Dusty ass Leader Skywarp
RoTF Starcream
Chest-burster Barricade
A few CDs
Hopefully with this new camera I'll be able to get some of these figure reviews off the ground. And perhaps I'll slowly get better at taking pictures altogether. Who knows. Click on the pics for greater detail.

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Tets said...

Now that's some nice sharp shots there. A tip for the flash, angle the camera a touch either up or down and it will lessen the reflection back into the lens. As for close up flashing... Um, that sounds dodgy.

There might be a setting to weaken the flash somewhere. Or lots of 'not flash' light from another source. By the way, I would be too tempted by the toys to bother with the computer on that desk :D

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