June 19, 2012

In Lust We Trust_...

Here's a few not really leftover shots from Trust_ (2010) that tell a bit more of the horrendous acts of sexual deviancy that led to the further self-loathing of a naïve young grrl. A sad state of affairs, the affects of Troo Wub on a young future porn actresses heart. Too harsh?

Lost... in a dream,
Nothing's what it seems.
Searching my head...
 For the words that you said.
Tears filled my eyes...
As we said our last goodbyes :(!
This sad scene replays,
Of you walking away.......
My body aches from mistakes!
Betrayed by lust!!
We lied to each other so much...
That in NOTHING we Trust_!!1
This by-the-book Lifetime Channel PSA was so devoid of depth that viewing these screenshots alone will give you a greater range of emotion than watching the actual film. 

What gets me is that she holds so strongly to her convictions through everything (and The Rock means... EVERY-THING!), that is, until she finds out that "he's done this sort of thing before"... therefore rending her, as an individual of this planet: UNspecial. *Roll Eyes* So what made her really hate herself in the first place? Are we just born with it these days? Perhaps... it's an interesting theory. Something is wrong with this picture.

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