February 16, 2013

Check out my latest brew haul.

Fuckin' A Right! The local bottle shop threw about 200 12 oz bottles up on a shelf mixed together in unmarked six packs all with a barcode listed as $4.99. Most of the beers were shit (stuff like Mike's Light Lemonade, Miller Light and a bunch of random forgettable garbage), so I started searching through, eyeing bottlecaps, then picking and choosing. I segregated the beers I wanted and ended up mixing and matching my own two twelve packs with two Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stouts, two Hop Noirs, two Stone Ruinations, and a Sam Adams Blackberry Wit for the hell of it (all not pictured and already drank)...

...but more importantly, the five beers I was thrilled to come across were: two 2012 bottles of Mad Elf, and a few 2012 DFH brews (all pictured above). These five beers alone go for about ten bucks or more together, so consider the other seven beers freebies. I also laid down some cash on a Founder's Bolt Cutter ($25.99!), DFH and SN Rhizing Bines ($13.69) and a Founder's Imperial Stout 4-Pack ($11.99). The SN Ruthless Rye glass was a gift from my favorite bartender this past Valentine's Day. She's awesome!

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