February 28, 2013

Cisco Brewers Island Reserve Pumple Drumkin

Cisco Brewers Island Reserve Pumple Drumkin - Ale brewed with smoked pumpkins and spices then aged in ex rum barrels (2013)
Limited Release.
25.4 fl. oz. / $10.99 USD / ?% ABV

About: No description available. This is a barrel aged version of their Pumple Drumkin pumpkin ale.

Thoughts: A brand new Pumpkin beer released in the middle of February!? Hot damn.

Poured a dark amber orange that's a total and complete haze. The head is surprisingly long lasting and puffy for a barrel aged beer. I wonder how long this one was in them? O_o

First whiff I got it smelt pretty crisp and fresh, and the second whiff... old funky rubber. Shite. Alright, poured a little more into the glass and that rubbery smell died down a little bit. It kinda reminded me of Sailor Jerry rum for a second there. That stuff reeks and tastes of rubbery funk. It's like they dropped a couple nips into a big portion of their pumpkin ale. I'm getting bits of spice  not at all reminiscent of a pumpkin pie... but rather raw pumpkin. It's got a bit of smoke, a little bit of a char, a touch of tapioca, and a fruity orange zest. Weird stuff.

First gulp. Ugh... tastes like someone lit my old He-Man toys on fire. This beer tastes mostly like dank wood. Once swallowed a huge blast of smoke hits and lingers around while a dry bitterness floats around. Aside from the smoke and bitter grime, there's really no kick to this at all. No strength flavors from the rum at all... aside from the rubber. This is some pretty bland stuff. The spices are only somewhat identifiable. It doesn't taste all that good and it leaves a grimy taste on the back of the tongue.

This beer is incredibly light. It fluffs and seemingly melts away. After effects are slightly drying.

Yeah, this stuff is pretty weak. Either something went horribly wrong, or these guys need to refine their recipe and "aging" process. Switching to a different type of rum barrel would be my first suggestion. I actually spoke to a Cisco Brewers rep at the liquor store last September and he seemed pretty excited about the company putting out this Island Reserve version of their pumpkin beer. Pretty sad how everything turned out.

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