November 22, 2010

Macabre Dreams 2

Spider and the Fly. (1998) Pencil and Blood on Paper. Come over here and let me tell you something, nothing ever comes of nothing, we pay a price for all our choices made. Come along now and take my hand, I'll lead you to a promised land. The morning after it may never come again, never be the same... Got a frew strange looks after this one. I think I had just seen Kiss The Girls the day before, or Argento's Opera.

Either way... I still see so many flaws in my older work. But I'm not really one to go back and improve upon it. Maybe redo it someday, who knows. More to come later...


J.M. said...

Heh, that's pretty awesome, as well as all of these other artworks. I used to do artwork like this back in high school too, late 90's, but mine were usually more anime looking. I seem to occasionally receive the, "Hey, that's cool, man" comment, but then I'd also get twice as many folks just shaking their heads at me in disgust. I guess looking back it makes since why I didn't get any dates in high school. After all, who would want to date the guy that has a sketchbook of dead woman, mawahaha.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Yeah I used to carry this real big sketchbook around and I had all of my drawings in there surrounded by poems and fucked up lyrics and I would show girls who I was attracted to. For some reason most of them weirded out on me dude.

I handed a girl a drawing of mine once and then told her I painted it with my own blood. The look on her face as her eyes widened and she set the picture down was priceless. I guess she wasn't one of the few girls I knew who'd say "use my blood in one of your drawings." Whatever. Her loss. And my loss too, as I really wanted her.

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