November 22, 2010

Macabre Dreams 3

Soul Searching. (1998) Pencil and Blood on Paper. Looking at old poster art for Fulci's The Beyond when I did this one. It's pretty obvious actually. Threw in a few personal touches (such as the pajama shirt) and changes for fun. Aaaaannndd, nipples. Yeah, I kinda had this thing about drawing hard nipples for a while. What can I say...

69th Post! Whooo!

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J. Astro said...

This one's my favorite of all the ones posted today. The brutality is really in motion here. Nipples don't hurt, either. :) And the very obvious fact that this chick's crucifix, often used as a source of comfort and protection from evil, ain't doin' her one damn bit of good in this scenario.

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