August 26, 2012

Michaela Drotárová makes a Startling Discovery in Bathory (2008)

In the 2008 Czech film Bathory (just now released 2012 as Bathory: Countess of Blood) totally hot babe Michaela Drotárová plays Erika, a maid to Anna Friel's also pretty damn hot Erzsébet Báthory. While this particular maid being so incredibly smoking hot may not bother the Countess all too much, her being raped out of drunken lust by the King's brother (or was that the King himself?) and subsequent peeping in on her post-mortum activities causes a bother.

Of course it doesn't help that this bitch is tossing herself at Bathory's object of desire, her gift the painter. Not only is she constanty rubbing her titties all over the guy, but she steals the ring that the Countess gave him and mistakenly flaunts it in front of her.

Then she goes meddling in places where she shouldn't be. Looking upon things she shouldn't see.

Oh shit!

I'm sure everything will end well though and they'll both have a nice cup of...




Anthony1138 said...

I like what I'm seeing in the screen caps, but is the movie any good?

DrunkethWizerd said...

The movie is about three hours long. It's pretty much a period drama (think The Tudors), with a few elements of horror. Listing it as a straight up horror film would be a complete misrepresentation. It's got a ton of war scenes, loads of drama, political shit, character development, a lot of slow scenes and it basically tells the life of Bathory. There's a few rape scenes, a lot of blood, nudity (both female and male), and most surprisingly of all the film paints Bathory in an extremely positive light.

The movie was not at all what I expected, and while I thought it would never fucking end, I never wanted to turn it off.

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