April 21, 2012

Nightmare Before Christmas Coffin-Shaped Playing Cards

Hey! Check out this set of Nightmare Before Christmas Coffin-Shaped Playing Cards that just came in the mail from the Disney Rewards Club. I had about 775 points from joining their movie club a while back and while they don't really have a lot of things in the rewards that I'm particularly fond of, I did see this and said to myself (something along the lines of) "Oh fuck yea!"

It's a perfect mix of three things that I absolutely love:
Tim Burton's stop motion animated film, Playing cards, and that traditional old-school Coffin shape.

It comes with a shitty little dry-erase score board and a pen that will probably dry up in a day or two...
yeah, but the cards come in this coffin shaped semi-hard plastic case that the cards fit in and it's great.

1 comment:

Tets said...

Hot damn man! THAT is frikkin sweet! I love Nightmare before Christmas almost as much as I love a good metaphor! Congrats. Me mucho jeleouso!

You lucky bugger!

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