April 27, 2012

New shirt from Fright Rags!

I had this weird feeling when I got home that something was waiting for me... calling me from the mailbox. Not one of those "I hope that thing arrived" feelings, but a strange, "It's here!" feeling. And when I turned the key to open the box, there it was: A black bag with with a big gloomy silver Fright Rags logo on it.

I don't got a lot of cash to spend on their expensive ass shirts, but this one was on sale for a while and man did I want it! Even cooler, it came with a "free prize". Sweetness. Let's check out the extras first:

There's a Behind The Mask card (front not shown) that's pretty decent, but considering it's #9/10 of the Fourth Series and I don't have any of the other Fright Film Fact cards (I don't think) I'm not that thrilled. The WarHead Extreme Sour Apple candy was a pleasant surprise, as I do love the sour stuff. But the best thing about this little grab bag has to be the POPCORN sticker! Hell yeah. I've always loved this artwork and stickers are always cool... especially when they've got skulls and creepy woman face masks on 'em.

And there it is... A work of Beauty!

Ghoulish Gary, you Fiend!
I silently applaud your work with this shirt that I'll wear over the faces of the nubile young females I strangulate and defile in the dark damp drug ridden alleyways. Thank you sir!


Anthony1138 said...

I had my eye on this shirt for awhile, but I really don't need any more t-shirts. That artwork is great though. I was really happy when Anchor bay used it for the cover of the Coffin Joe box set. It was even the wallpaper on my computer at work for a while.

Love those prize packs. It's a nice touch.

Mister Bones said...

I absolutely love Fright Rags. Don't have this one, but I've got about 6 of their other ones. Great shirt, prize packs are a nice touch, I've got one of those Popcorn stickers too, it's on my fridge.

Ben said...

Hi Erik -

Thanks so much for the review! I'm glad you like the shirt and the extras. The Fright Flicks cards are just something we created to give away for fun and people seem to like to collect them as they buy new shirts.

By the way, I'm a huge beer fan as well and enjoyed reading some of your reviews. Loooove the 75 minute IPA as well.

Thanks again!


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