May 27, 2012

Anne Hathaway gets Frisky in Havoc (2005)

Get it? Frisky! Like a cat.

Haha. In the 2005 coming of age film Havoc, Anne Hathaway plays a disenchanted yet well off white girl who desperately wants to be something that she's not, in any way for form, yet settles on acting overly hip-hop and thuggish with her crew of other young rich suburbanites. During the course of the film we are subjected to bouts of overeager acts of hardness and gratingly annoying slang, yet are able through the miracle of documentary revelation, to scratch beneath the surface of this sad girl's facade and catch a glimpse of her lost and lonely soul.

Really deep stuff. Fortunately though, one positive aspect to her fits of masked identity and loathsome existence is that she acts out in the form of a total SLUT! Awwww yeahz. Whenever Eric the documenting researcher of truth / weirdo kid with a camera asks her a question of semi-life importance that will no doubt surely expose the inner turmoil and tormented soul of this poor rich girl, she immediately turns the tables by talking about fucking and rubbing her nipples until they get hard. Hey, whatever works to get your mind off the isolation of a rich and over-privileged suburban life, that's what I always say.

 And writhe she does.

Needless to say, despite weighing the tables of this film's social commentary vs my personal ability to withstand the stupidity of the fakeness presented within the characters here, I have to say that this scene indeed does a splendid job of making it all worth it. End.


Ty said...

This was Anne Hathaway's best work. Great screenshots.

WizWor said...


Tets said...

Anne annoys me greatly, but I kinda have a thing for her. There's some turmoil right there! Hey! Something in common. Might look this movie up, make me like Anne some more.

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