May 20, 2012

Go ask Alice... if she Spits or Swallows!?

I'm a sick motherfucker, you know that? And I ain't even too utterly buzzed yet. I was disputing that above title against "Kate Beckinsale in Pigtails"... but man, ya know, what can I say? I'm seriously disturbed in the brain. The ladies like it? New York Ripper style toejob to the vag, that's my subtlety. -_- Plus, I started off the last four posts with Kate's name so I thought I'd mix it up a bit.

Obligatory O-Face to start things off and let's get this party started:

Eat me! Drink me! Anyway you want me!
Alice encounters the Red Queen for the first time and you'll thank me now for not posting the view of her face... no offense to the older English talented old ladies out there, but it's not my thang. I like 'em young, dumb, blind and not so demanding if that's ok. Thaaaaaaanks.

Alice is of course thirsty as shit, seeing as there's no brewery about these parts... the Queen offers her a biscuit! How nice. Is it liquid? Nah. But it soon will be.

Put it in your mouth!

Oh no! That ain't good...
 But at least it wasn't all over my belly this time around!

She seems happy... but as expected, gets pouty rather quickly. Meh. Grrls. 

But you know how you are, right Girls? Mad one second, astonished the next. Poor pigtails is in Trouble!
But we can count on the pouty look to get her out of this situation. Works every time... right?


joe_h said...

If you like them dumb, you don't like Kate Beckinsale. She is uber smart with a 150 IQ, speaks 4 languages fluently, studied Russian and French literature at Oxford where she was a graduate student, and won two prestigious national writing awards in London as a teenager.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Yeah, sure... and her cabbage patch doll speaks fluient cabbage! Okay, guy.

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