May 30, 2012

Heavy Seas Plank 2

Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet Plank II - Dopplebock Style Lager (2012)
Limited Release (Brewed Once)
22 fl. oz. / $7.95 USD / 8.5% ABV

About: "Heavy Seas Beer announces the release of Plank II – the second in a series of beers showcasing unique wood aging treatment to add flavor and nuance. Plank II features an 8.5% ABV Dopplebock style lager matured with specially treated Eucalyptus and Yellow Poplar wood planks. The Heavy Seas Plank Series boasts an innovative way of adding wood to the brewing process. The beer is allowed to mature on the wood during secondary fermentation. Created in a not-so-traditional way, Plank II will change the how you perceive wood-aged beers. A revolutionary thermal process releases the compounds in the wood through controlled heat in a way that “toasting” cannot do. In short, we put the wood in the beer – not the beer in the wood. Six-foot planks of Eucalyptus and Poplar were placed in the fermenter and allowed to age with the beer for six weeks. The Eucalyptus wood lends notes of chocolate, balanced with a hint of toffee and smoky dryness from the Yellow Poplar."

Thoughts: Plank 2 poured a darkish amber brown color that filled to a near dense black in the glass and a light tan colored head

Scent is very malty up front. It's woody and roasty, and there's a toasted quality about it. Eucalyptus wood planks is an odd choice for age a beer with, but it smells pretty good. I'm a little weirded out since the last time I smelled something like this it was a body cream. Still, I'm not really getting any sort of hop profile on this one. Just malt and more malt. It's all very mellow too. Nothing is jumping out at me.

Very bitter chocolate malt comes off first and then there's a slightly sweet and sour haze that could possibly be a citrus tone but it's difficult to tell. After swallowing and feeling around there's a light grassy flow throughout each breath. That's about it. Wood aged or not, this isn't exactly the most exciting beer I've ever had. It does have a nice tingling spicy quality about it when it's in the mouth, and that makes it a bit hard to find flavors right off, but perhaps that's a good thing. Only a third of the way through, I'm going to let it warm and see what happens...

Mouth feel is smooth and creamy. It's a little soft and foamy, like a cappuccino. Not light feeling at all.

...alright, it's a bit warmer now. A lot more of that wood flavor comes out and it's a welcome addition to this otherwise boring beer. Now, I'm not a bock fan at all, but I always like to test the dirty waters every few months, especially if it's from a brewery I like. But I'm just not interested in this one at all. The wood is the only part of this beer that I'm enjoying. I'll still try any other their other "Plank" beers, and I'm hoping that they choose a better style to do this with the next time. Knives for fingers crossed for Pumpkin!


Anthony1138 said...

Wood bock, eh? Sounds like dirty water to me. ;)

DrunkethWizerd said...

Anthony, don't know where you've been or what happened to your blog / account, but I got that tube and I'll be shipping your stuff soon. Get back on the net and let me know you're still alive and drinking.

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