December 16, 2012

Robin McLeavy is Finger Lickin' Good in The Loved Ones (2009)

When I watched The Loved Ones a few months ago, I started feeling the weirdest sensations all throughout my body and inside my brain. This happened whenever Robin McLeavy's character of Lola Stone was being visually molested by mine eyes. There are a lot of voyeuristic lingering shots on this stunningly beautiful woman and it just drove me crazy with lustful desires.

I sat there with a stupid half-smile on my face when she was crowned, as it was not only absurd, but also a really touching moment. There's some weird ass all hell father/daughter dynamics going on here, which are sweet, but also a little sad. :(

One of my very favorite scenes from the film is when she's eating chicken. She's does it in such a gross and sloppy way, and I can't help but just love every second of it! Also, when she drinks her milk (who the hell drinks milk with fried chicken?) she lets it drip all down her face and clothes, which is just awesome. 

 She is indeed, finger lickin' good!

The Loved Ones is such a strange and fucked up movie, but LS has to be one of my favorite characters of all time. I just adore everything about her. She's a total psycho, childish, and extremely cute. Three things I always look for in a woman.

Plus, she's got beautiful eyes too.

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