March 22, 2010

The Japanese Demons Box Set...

I started blogging because of this dude: Jayson and there is no cooler motherfucker online than the guy. I don’t know if he’s trying to bait me here, what with his words on my total ownage of the Japanese Demoni 1 and 2 Boxset… but I’ll bite, because well, it ain’t nothin’ much but a chicken wing lunch. Moo Shoo Kung Fu, let me introduce you:

Yeah, thanks to Jay there I downright broke it out and carpeted the thing for pictures sake. First up an angle shot, then the stuff it comes with front and back… then as an added bonus, I took pictures of all the pages from the reproduction cinema pamphlet (which is the real treasure of the whole release).

We got the Japanese Program reproduction, Double Sided Mousepad, 2 (only 2?!) big ass Lobby Cards, a Metropol ticket (which is a nice touch) that features the # of your version, DVD’s, outer slipcard ad, and of course, the Mask (which is so delicate that I’m afraid to even try it on more than twice).

The weight of the box is decent, but it all could have been better… at least for the price (the original price, that is). I’m afraid to even hold this set most of the time. It’s like when someone hands you a newborn baby. Personally, anything with babies involved messes my shit up: Unless it’s me having a baby with Lindsay Lohan. That’d be sweeeeeeeet. Nothing like ruining a life of a newborn, am I right people?

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Jayson Kennedy said...

If you ever wanna sell it, you know it'll have another good home! Hehehe...

The Japanese certainly know how to compile home videos on any format you feel like you MUST own.

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