March 20, 2010

Some pics of my book collection...

While I take my usual long ass time working on new posts, I figured I’d take a few pictures of my book collection. Just dusted and cleaned up a bit, so here are the two top shelves and the covers to three selects.

As you can tell I’m really into FABPress books. Limited and Numbered Edition version of Blood And Dishonour, the Satanic Sluts pictorial w/ DVD. Limited and Numbered Edition of AntiCristo, a definitive book on Nasty Nun films (personal favorites of mine). LE Fulci and Argento books, all Hardbacks, which I treasure. The crown jewel of the collection, Tim Lucas’s Bava book was a preorder with the bookmark. It took a long while before it arrived, near almost two years I believe… I actually didn’t know what the hell was in that heavy arse box when it showed up. Rounding out are a few other FabPress books I picked up locally… I’m still missing quite a few of their releases.

On the top shelf are two Verotik artbooks, one for Simon Biz and one for Frank Frazetta. Also, I’ve got the Blackest Heart Media comics w/ Soundtracks for Zombie and The Beyond. Bottom shelf I’ve got a few Devilman action figure guides and Screaming Mad George’s digital photography manipulation LadyDevilman hardback (that one took me a while to find). Mezzo Forte and Kite anime book. Japanese Mark Ryden artprint book (I also own the soundtrack to his gallery).

The Nightmare Never Ends, an absolutely beautiful NoES 1-6 documentary which I found in a Cali shop. Its cover is a bit shredded so I got it on the cheap. Spaghetti Nightmares is one of the (if not thee) very first books on Italian Horror that I ever bought. See No Evil is a book on video controversy in the UK. Sex Murder Art is a book on Jörg Buttgereit’s illustrious career. If you've got a request to see any inner pages of a particular book let me know and I'll take some snapshots.


KFelon said...

I remember when they were doing that Genesis Transformers book and taking preorders. I put my money down, then over a year later I got a refund because they lost the list of original early preorders and sold out of the first print run. wtf?

How is Profondo Argento? I've wanted to pick it up for awhile, but always forget to ask about when I go to Barnes and Noble or Half Priced Books.

Also curious about that Grindhouse book. Is it just some sort of novelization of the movie/s?

DrunkethWizerd said...

The Grindhouse book is like a complete making-of documentary, in book form. It's LOADED with pictures of everything from promo shots, behind the scenes, sfx, storyboards, ect. It's got the Planet Terror screenplay, making of (everything!), Making of Death Proof (everything! - no screenplay though), Machete trailer screenplay and Making of, Making of Thanksgiving, poster art, lobby cards, digital tests, ect.

Profondo Argento is worth the price alone for just the pictures they've got in this book. There's info on all the films up to "Do You Like...", including all the producing credits, shit on all the people he worked with (family, musicians, actors, ect). The only thing is I don't agree with all of Alan Jones' reviews(he's particularly brutal to Phenomena), but so f'n what ya know? It's full of in depth info and stuff only Alan could know after spending all this time studying the man. Both are highly recommended.

KFelon said...

If anyone is looking for the Profondo Argento book, it is available in limited quantities on in both hardcover and paperback editions. Apparently the book is Out of Print and only available second hand. Shipping is unfortunately about $15 to the US.

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