January 31, 2016

Spacelab9 presents The Addams Family

Here are some photos I took of my Addams Family soundtrack from Spacelab9 (w/ Sony Music and RCA apparently). Released on October 16'th 2015 in honor of this television show's 50'th anniversary, this deluxe vinyl edition was released in 4 Limited Edition variations: A Glow-in-the-Dark "Fester's Lightbulb" version (exclusive to Barnes and Noble), a "Lurch Green" version (exclusive to Newbury Comics), a "Cousin Itt Brown" version (exclusive to Hastings), and an extremely limited "Black Pumpkin Splatter" version that sold at NYCC with some leftovers sold online.

I of course bought the Glow-in-the-Dark version because you know, that's just damn cool. Even though the Black Pumpkin Splatter is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, I actually didn't even know that it existed at the time. If I had known, my decision would have been a lot more difficult. As it were with the three I was aware of the glowing vinyl was a no-brainer. And that's how I like to make all the decisions in my life... without using my brain. Haha, wow. This release is a single sleeve with a 12x24" foldout insert which is a pretty nice read and rather colorful to boot.

For anyone not familiar with the music (what in the fuck!?) it's old school as a motherfucker. It's real shnazzy, and jazzy and a little funky. Think in the realms of the scores for Barbarella or Vampyros Lesbos. That's where this kind of music would fit in. Probably not as weird as those two though as it's mostly upbeat tunes, but genre-wise for sure. The album itself has a pretty moderate hiss throughout the whole thing and sounds a bit aged, but in this case that really doesn't bother me at all since this music is old as hell and that just adds to it for me. It's approximately only a half hour long as well, which goes by pretty fast so it's good for a quick listen.

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