March 26, 2011

Fewture's Winged Devilman (Cold Sleep Version)

This guy feels nothin' inside... just like his dead girlfriend. Ouch!
This is my Limited Edition, Super Festival 17 Event Special Version, Cold Sleep Winged Devilman... 666 of these bad boyzz supposedly exist in the world and man, is it a thing of beauty! Believe me when I tell you that it is Insanely difficult to get this figure on camera in its real color. It's a clear blue figure with white underbrushing, and if that's not hard enough to capture in what limited light I've got... I also have kept the figure in the Mint on Card bubble, making admiring the true glory of this LE figure rather tedious. Especially since the wingspan can't be displayed, and that damn camera glare ruined what non-blurry pictures I could capture. It's really 'bout time to buy a new camera since mine is from 2002 and is on its deathbed.

And it wasn't just the random desire to make a cool looking version of the toy that brought about this release. Ice plays a big part in the Devilman mythology, as it is in ice where the demons have been trapped for many years. Enslaved if you will, after a violent upheaval against humans, but not forgotten as you see, like all species have a natural enemy, Demons are the human's natural enemy. In the Manga and Anime, Akira Fudo has horrifying visions and nightmares about falling into a cold and seemingly desolate ice world. Seemingly desolate apart from the hideous demonic figures frozen in time. Beaches turn to ice as he heads over a sand dune, and Amon's glaring face.

After this release in Series 1, they gave this whole "frozen in time" thing another badass chance with Zenon (I'll get to him later) in Series 2. It was the right thing to do, and though while I do own two versions of that Zenon figure, I do not own the Blizzard Version. Just saying that while I type this means that I must someday or somehow own it. Typing that last sentence has done a swell job of pissing me off, which means that I'm probably blitzed. So uh, Enjoy the show and let's see if that Glow In The Dark shit works out for my next post. Thanks for viewing.

March 20, 2011

Devilman: Fewture's Winged Devilman

All of the figures from Fewture Models were released, as I mentioned earlier, not only in their original versions but also in repainted special editions. Every figure had a black version which was very common to find in comic shops, as they are quite unremarkable and nobody was buying them. They suck! It's just a black plastic figure with some silver paint highlights. They're fucking horrible and should burn in the inferno. The limited Festival repaints as well as a many of the other Limited color versions were stunning to say the least. Many of them featured vibrant and sometimes psychedelic paint schemes, and there were a lot with translucent plastic and far superior colors to the originals. There were also some pretty straight up transparent versions of figures, all ranging in colors and some with no color at all.

The second Devilman series went heavier on the gimmicks, accessories and took things to a whole new level in regards of the standard figures. The one standard character from the first series that got a real gimmick feature (apart from a superior mold job like Gelmer and not counting his tail's skeleton prop) would be Winged Devilman, with his Glow-In-The-Dark skin. He's also the only other character apart from Gelmer with removable parts. Each wing on WD is removable, and Gelmer's tail can detach. Devilman doesn't always display his wings so this is a welcome addition to the toy, whereas Gelmer's tail isn't really meant to be taken off and is a bit unnecessary. Unlike the standard black and blue tinted skulls base that half of the figures came with, WD's comes with a GITD base as well.

Luckily for everyone, Winged Devilman is a completely new mold of the character. And that's not to rag on the original Devilman figure from the line, but looking at them side by side you would think that WD would be from Series 2. The original Devilman toy is severely lacking. He's got the worst sculpt job out of every character from each series (that's twenty altogether), which is crazy because he's the main character! It's as if this (and perhaps the original Amon as well) were the test molds to show off and get funds before sculpting the other characters. Devilman, Amon, WD, and Zenotic Amon were all sculpted by the same person: Yu-ji Oniki, so I can only assume that time and money had something to do with this. Original Devilman has some weak old-school straight cut neck and shoulder joints and tabbed elbow joints while Winged Devilman has a slanted neck joint, shoulder and wrist joints, tabbed elbows, knees and ankles.

Even the paint job is Vastly improved on WD. They both have gold colored eyes, but while on Winged D the eyes are bright and outstanding, the eyes on Original D are dull and lifeless. My Devilman figure must have been painted hastily and without regard, because there is some shoddy work here which only helps bring out those horrendous ab muscle work. Overall the whole production of Winged Devilman seems like a labor of love that these guys really took their time on. It is really a special figure that was skimped on at no point. One scary decision about this figure though, is the choice of plastic for the wings. They are mold injected, very hard but at the same time, very slender and fragile. Care must be taken not to let this figure fall to the ground as the sharp points on these wings could snap off on impact. That however was the collaborated choice of the toy's creators, as they didn't want the wings to ever "droop".

Winged Devilman is my favorite toy from not only the first series, but both of the series lines. A hard decision to make, I assure you, but it's not too hard to see why. The sculpt is sheer perfection. The colors are perfect, as is the paint job. And aside from being slightly top heavy and tipsy due to the combination of ankle joints and long outstretched wings, the design is top drawer.

 Ah, Winged Devilman. Such as sinister, yet beautiful looking creature. More to come on this one...

March 16, 2011

Devilman: Fewture's Zenotic Amon

So this is Zenotic Amon from Series 2 of the Fewture Devilman run. A series given the title: "More than Demon". They did a Winged Devilman and an Amon figure from the first series, and while Winged Devilman was superior to all others, Amon was also not too bad. They've always had great direction with this entire line and did the total sweetness when they mixed the two character designs. A fusion of both figures, which were already similar but had been given their own unique touches (way more so with WD), combined all in a hard crackling chocolate shell.

According to artistic designer Yasushi Nirasawa, 'this is Amon from the first series, though more Demonic' (however that is possible). Just 'like the first Amon figure, he's got his Skull ring', and the 'brutal expression on his face is confrontational to other demons' who would be stupid enough to step into his path. The third version of Amon was ridiculously buffed and red like hellfire, while the first was a bigger, badder and elongated version of Devilman. Zenotic Amon is more of a new version of Winged Devilman with a lot more black, and instead of the fur that covers Amon, he's got pointy scales. He's also got one more special feature and it's a favorite of mine... yes, I'm talking about that bloody palm. The one with the Skull ring too. Looking like he just bitch slapped the blood out of someone. Heh!

Oh, and regarding those pointy scales, I will tell you that these fuckers sure got a sadistic streak in them to sculpt such a sharp toy. You cannot pick this guy up without stabbing yourself in fingers, palms or wrists. I imagine if I were ever to step on this thing in the middle of the night, not only would my feet bleed, but I would end up screaming a lot of shit that would wake the neighbors in sheer terror. Laugh it up all you want ladies, but your painful toys are different than ours... uh, this figure's got a ball joint (though limited movement) neck, hinged jaw (yes it opens and closes), double hinged shoulders, hinged elbows and wrists, hinged legs and knees, and finally ball jointed and hinged ankles. That's 18 points of articulation altogether, with unfortunately no waist movement. His wings, which are removable, also have a tab point on each one wherein the wings can extend outward. His tail, which is also removable, features a tip which is like a mix of the "inner mouth" from Alien, with the mandibles from Predator. Freaky to say the least, but cool as Fuck.

Despite over about forty sharp points that'l hurt you (and that's not counting all the points, just the sharpest ones) I can't put this guy down. Winged Devilman is a bit scary to hold and fuck around with since the wings on that figure are hard plastic, they're thin and I'm just constantly worried that if this thing even falls one time it's broke. Zenotic Amon has these removable wings that are soft plastic and fold up which is a wee bit of a relief, but the downside to this softer plastic is that over time depending on their position, they'll bend or droop. That again is a problem with some of the other Devilman figures, as a few (original Amon is the most extreme example) are top heavy and the feet will bend forward since it's a solid plastic work - aside from arm, elbow and neck joints.

Zenotic Amon stands against few others in this and the previous series as the most badass and insane looking figure. By far one of my favorites, but for now it's too hard to choose teh bestest. Perhaps, in time, after I have posted on each figure, we'll see which is the true masterpiece of insanity.

Your period ain't gonna stop me grrl... I'll use those tampon strings to floss when I'm done!!1

March 13, 2011

Devilman: Fewture's Mecha-Terror Devilman

I probably don't have to tell you who Legendary artist Pushead is. But if you don't know then I guess the easiest way to conjure up a recollection would be to tell you that he pretty much designed the artwork for every single Metallica T-Shirt that's ever existed. So you've probably seen his work around at various malls or at an old metal concert held at an abandoned local airport. Recently, some of his artwork for that band Cocobat has been transitioned into Vinyl toys in Japan. His first two pieces of work for their album covers were heavily Devilman influenced as well. In 2002 he took that Devilman skull from the first one and redesigned it for this toy, released by Fewture Japan in their MECHA-TERROR collection. He designed a few different wind-up toys for this particular collection, including a Witch, Mummy and Evil Santa. All of the designs were sculpted by Toshimitsu Usui and were released in several Limited Edition versions with different paint apps for festivals.

I own the Regular Edition of the Devilman wind-up, which I bought for about 20$ at a local comic shop when it was first released. As well as the festival version and black & white version (I detest those), there was also a box set with a T-Shirt, Art Print, Special Color Version, and Sticker limited to 250 pieces. Oh how I love finding out about those once they're long gone... don't you? The packaging for this figure is one of the major draws, as it is really solid and well done. All of the artwork and design is just killer and that special clear plastic window on the back with the sticker on top is a supremely awesome touch. And if you're a sucker for childish Satanic humor, the toy is for all kids ages 6-66. Hehehehehe... As you can tell I've never opened mine so I can't tell you how fun the toy is, but oh well, it's looked damn good on my shelf for a long while now and that's what's made me happy I guess. I had a chance to own some of the other figures (and still do since some of them go for about ten bucks online), and if I ever get back into spending money on anything other than beer, maybe I just might. Wink! Feeling bored? Check out the Toypunks Vol. I Teaser. Looks like a pretty good doc. I especially like the part about the old gentleman who's been hand painting these Vinyl figures for the last Fifty Years!

March 12, 2011

Devilman: Marmit's Silene

Maybe there's a god above, but all I've ever learned from love... is how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya.

Bio: (Note that  all [SIC]) "Silene is a beautiful warrior of the demon tribe. She was terrified by other demons as a formidable, cold-hearted warrior with an extraordinary psychic power. Silene with her good servants, Ghelmer and Agwel, attacks Akira Fudou to perish Amon the hero, that is, Devilman. The antenna on her forehead call lightning, clouds, and smash up her enemy with a thunder attack. Her gigantic wing on her head call deadly storm. With the pride of demon tribe, Silene keeps challengig to Devilman who has intelligence of human and demon's invincible body."

I've probably got five or six Siren figures by now. She was and has always been my favorite character from the Devilman series (can you guess why!? ;)) , and you can read about my thoughts HERE. This figure is made by the Marmit company and is perhaps one of the only from that series I own. When I got into Devilman early on I was heavy into collecting the works of Yasushi Nirasawa, which he did many for the Fewture company. Often times for the US releases they would do a "special" breast covered (by feathers or fur - additional molding) version. There were also, with many of these figures from each company, different painted versions, clear versions, and so on.

I bought the "First Edition" of this Silene figure because it's her colors here which I appreciate the most. Not that I don't mind the purple and blue old-school covered-up Manga version, but the Anime is what originally drew me in and I like the nudity, white and yellow (not that there's much yellow here, more browns). I didn't really have a special reason for not opening this figure other than when I got it I didn't have the display space. Also, I had my other Siren figures hanging about and just decided not to. Many of the Devilman figures from Japan aren't very articulated (as you'll come to notice when I post more of my collection), with the exception of Microman versions [which happen to be about two inches tall but feature for the least part, around 30 points of movement]. Devilman figures for the most part, from Vinyl figures to Action figures, have mostly really been Statue figures. I'm hoping for a revival with new toy technology, but it doesn't seem to be in the books.

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