April 10, 2010

The Demons Remake: Part 2

It's been a week and I hoped that it wouldn't take me this long for me to blog but I've had mad shit to do like going to the bar, playing video games, eating Maruchan ramen noodles, and jerking off. But I'm trying, really you've got to believe me. Here's part 2 of the Demons remake dream I've been uh... dreaming.

...but what of Tony the Pimp? The punker girl and the other two punk dudes? The blind guy, his (daughter? niece? wife?) Liz and that bald dude she's making out with? Or even that mean old crusty dude and his submissive wife? Stay tuned... for the final chapter (I hope)!

April 3, 2010

The Demons Remake: Part 1

When most people think about their absolute favorite movie, they dread the thought of it eventually being remade. Me? I dream of it. Of course, I know what I’m about to lay down is damn near impossible… but I am trying to keep it within the realms of a certain sanity, somewhat at least. I know that if Demons was remade it wouldn’t nearly compare to the complete and total domination of awesomeness that I’m about to present with my cast choices. So allow me if you will, to present the first six of those to come:

Listen and let me know what you think audience.

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