July 21, 2014


Better watch out motherfucker when I'm speaking in tongues
Coughing up split pea soup from the bottom of my lungs
You don't know me yet but just call me the Sexorcist
Crack a bottle of Viper because tonight I'm gettin' extra pissed
I need that neon green shot so I can feel Re-animated
When I said I come From Beyond that shit wasn't exaggerated
Like a force of nature stalking through the woods
Chopping up young sluts while they're givin' up the goods
But don't let my words fool ya I still like slaughtering virgins
And if she ain't that tight I'll stitch that shit up like a surgeon
Just call me Dr. Giggles when I'm laughing all fiendish
Off that Blue Sunshine mixed in with Olde English
Fucking batshit crazy and that's From Dusk Till Dawn
I slap a bladed glove on when I see a bitch yawn
And it may be Friday the 14th but I don't give a fuck
I'm out with a machete and spear-gun running amok
On the Terror Train stalking wearing multiple masks
Getting utterly fucked up drinking eight different flasks
You can Scream all you want but this ain't no Scary Movie
Your ass is dead in the dirt even without seeing boobies
There's no rules to this shit I don't need a motive to kill
I'll wear your pretty skin on my face just cuz I like the feel
So watch out for this Resident because I'm Evil as hell
I'll keep your body in the cellar just to enjoy the smell
Inducing those Frightmares when I pull out my Tingler
Now I got this sweet girl squirtin' red like a sprinkler


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