April 30, 2012

Bloodbath! Intermediate version.

Here it is. Still working on it...

....and no colors to fuck it up yet!
We'll see.

April 29, 2012

Unfinished Work: Masks #4 - Bloodbath?!

Here's something that I just started a few hours ago while watching Hugo (Lots of gears, movie about movies). It's only halfway done... but it's coming along. I've still got to decide this fellow's name. I'm somewhere between the decision of "BloodBath" and "BloodyMurder". Thinking about naming him Erik.

Let me know what you think!

Alchemist, Ninkasi and Stone More Brown Than Black IPA

Alchemist, Ninkasi and Stone More Brown Than Black IPA (2011)
Collaboration Brew (Bottled by Stone Brewing Co., in Escondido, CA. USA)
Limited Release (Brewed Once)
12 fl. oz. / $3.59 USD / 7.4% ABV

About: "Stone Brewing Co. is proud to announce its fifth and final 2011 collaboration beer. Proceeds from the sale of this beer will be donated to the Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund, dedicated to rebuilding Waterbury, Vermont – hometown of The Alchemist Pub and Brewery. Malts: Maris Otter Pale, Light Munich, Carafa III Special Dark, and CaraHelles / Hops: Super Galena hop extract for bittering, Nelson Sauvin and Delta for flavor,  dry-hopped with a blend of Citra and Galaxy."

Thoughts: Popped the cap with a loud fizzy hiss and a ton of smoke poured out. The creamy light tan head was massive at first and it took a while to get all of the beer into this glass. Color of the pour was sort of a dark raspberry brown that settled into a slightly darker version of itself. TONS of sediment drift in dark space.

This smells very boisterous. There's a strong citrus hoppiness, and it's slightly piney as well. The scent is strong, cold and absolutely delightful.

The taste is exactly like the smell. There's a little bit of more of a roasted chocolate-like malt overlay on the hops, especially as it warms. It's all a little bit tangy, with a slightly sour after effect. There's a bit of musk. Aside from that it's not really overwhelming in any way, nor is it tame. It's an interesting mix between a brown ale and black IPA, but taste-wise I'm going to have to say that it's about average for a night's brew. A great collaboration and representation of the style, nonetheless.

The feel is a little bit frothy, but everything flows smoothly and is crisp.

Many brown ales and just a few black IPA's have been tough for me to get into so just take my rating of average with a grain of salt. It could very well be slightly above average compared to a lot of other similar beers. I'm still looking at two other collabs they've done that are on the shelf now. I'm not thrilled this time around... but I'm not disappointed either.

April 27, 2012

New shirt from Fright Rags!

I had this weird feeling when I got home that something was waiting for me... calling me from the mailbox. Not one of those "I hope that thing arrived" feelings, but a strange, "It's here!" feeling. And when I turned the key to open the box, there it was: A black bag with with a big gloomy silver Fright Rags logo on it.

I don't got a lot of cash to spend on their expensive ass shirts, but this one was on sale for a while and man did I want it! Even cooler, it came with a "free prize". Sweetness. Let's check out the extras first:

There's a Behind The Mask card (front not shown) that's pretty decent, but considering it's #9/10 of the Fourth Series and I don't have any of the other Fright Film Fact cards (I don't think) I'm not that thrilled. The WarHead Extreme Sour Apple candy was a pleasant surprise, as I do love the sour stuff. But the best thing about this little grab bag has to be the POPCORN sticker! Hell yeah. I've always loved this artwork and stickers are always cool... especially when they've got skulls and creepy woman face masks on 'em.

And there it is... A work of Beauty!

Ghoulish Gary, you Fiend!
I silently applaud your work with this shirt that I'll wear over the faces of the nubile young females I strangulate and defile in the dark damp drug ridden alleyways. Thank you sir!

April 25, 2012

Asia Argento in Love Bites. Intro and Middle.

During his quest to uncover the sinister secrets of France's nightlife, yung hunk n' fulla spunk Antoine (Guillaume Canet) busts in on dark and mysterious Voilaine (Asia Argento) while she's giving a touch up, to uh, I don't know, make small talk or something, and come off as a charmer? Why not. He's searching for something, and hell, if she's on the road to nowhere, I say go for it you dumb son of a bitch!

This is part 1 of Asia Argento, in LOVE BITES!

I'd probably follow her into a bathroom too. Who am I kidding!? Probably Totally.

Who's afraid to kiss a scary young lady's hand? But will intrude upon her... Interesting, to say the least.
He starts talking all slick, something along the lines of "Ello Sweetcheeks, I've been admirin' yer choklat nipples from across the way. Me name is so and so from to and fro, eh, fancy a shag fishlips?" Or something of that nature, I don't know... don't understand much French. I had the subs off and volume down anyways, and like to make up my own stories if that's alright with you.

So anyways they get in a cab and head off to some strange private room...

...to fuck! Awww yeahz.

Back at his place, or uh, her place (or someone's place), she goes instant slut! Can I get a HELL yeah? Personally, I'd be down on the ground grovelling and licking this Gothic honey's stilettos, whimpering like a bitch and enjoying every second of it... but Joe Cool here likes to play it shy. Hmm. I really shouldn't call him Joe Cool though, that's a weird American thing. What's the French equivalent of a Joe Cool? Remy Cool? Sebastian Cool? Jean Cool? Nah, that sounds to close to Gene Pool... Which is something this guy isn't about to spill any of by the way!!

"Did you know you can't cum when you're on LSD?"
"No Silly! That's my name, Ellessdee!"
"You see what I did there?"
"Wait! Wut?"
So after about what seems like five hours of shitty nightclub beats, talk talk talk and a little bit of stalk, enough talk is finally enough, and we get to see some bum-bum!

"What?! You don't find armpits Sexy??"
Man... just lick her fucking armpits and get on with the show! I hate this guy the more the movie progresses.

"Oh dear.... her nubile young body is exposed. This is so wrong!"

She puts on lipstick and gets all naughty while guy cries into his hands and acts like a little bitch!

Most definitely the best part of this movie, Asia drugs this motherfucker and starts to sex him down. His triple visions of her of course identically resemble the Three Brides of Dracula scenes that we've seen throughout the times (mostly reminiscent [a ripoff] of 1992's Bram Stoker's Dracula). Which begs the question:

Would you rather have 1 Monica Bellucci and 2 other girls going down on you? Or 3 Asia Argento?

...Not to spoil the fun, but I'd have 1 Monica, 1 Asia and 1 that hot ass chick from the Day of the Woman Blog. With the zombie make-up please!! And then I'd ditch Monica and Asia and request a one on one with no make-up involved. She's hot.

April 23, 2012

Asia Argento in Love Bites. Finale.

Hello! And welcome to Part 3 of the Asia Argento in Antoine de Caunes' "Les Morsures de l'aube" spankfest!
Let's get right into it, shall we?

That's right, show me your O face!
I'm excited too. We'll start off with a little bit of Asia Argento in bondage. Yeah, baby! Nothin' hotter than a Goth chick duct taped to a radiator, begging and screaming, her oblong box buzzing in the hot mist, all the while being molested...

... by her Brother!? Ahhh!!1 What in the fuck. Shit just got realz.

 I was really hoping to hear more of her screaming, but I suppose her dirty panties in the mouth with suffice.

I've got roughly 50 films where either French is the country of origin, some scenes are shot there, or the language is spoken apparently... I know that about 35 of them are actual French films. That being said, I'm not really well versed in French film. I've never studied it or anything, but have always rather picked and chosen what I desired from the country - be it Horror or Erotica (or a mix of both). The main reason I bought Love Bites, obviously, is Asia. If I watched this all the way through, and she wasn't in it, there's no way that I would keep it, or let alone buy it. It's not to say that it's incredibly boring or anything, but it's mostly all talk and nightclubs. Both of which I hate.

Still, Asia looks absolutely beautiful in this. Especially at the end when she's all wet and gleaming.

Just like Michele Soavi's 'The Church' many years ago, this film also ends with Asia Argento slowly looking at something, mystified... and smiling just before the credits roll. Of course, this time around we see what she sees. Nevertheless, I do find that a bit interesting.

Love Bites!
And so does this movie.
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