September 20, 2010

Look at my boooooots!

This is my first pair of Kodiaks (steel toe) and fourth pair of Docs (over fifteen years - first pair being a non-steel toe). Docs have always been my choice footwear, but I am always up for something new now and then again mate. I've tried a few other boots on, and all of them sucked severely... but when I got a hold of these Kodiaks in just the right size (guy 'discovered' the 10.5's out back, after telling me there was nothing but 8's and 12's), I fell instantly in goo! Wearing these Kodiak Boots is akin to walking around with marshmallow tanks on your feet. Heavy, and yet, you just want to stick your foot over a campfire and blow a fat gyroscope load all over the place. Maximum toe space, comfort, and if I had an option of Black they'd be the perfect shoe. I only wear black for the most part, but these boots are so damn sweet that I don't give a fuck!


"BLUE" 6-inch SteelToe Boot #314043
  •   Premium waterproof leather with latex sealed seams
  •   Anatomical off-center last, padded anatomical tongue
  •   Removable ComfortZone™ 2-density PU insole
  •   V-back padded collar
  •   Triple layered back counter
  •   Injected toe bumper
  •   Exclusive claw design, Oil Resistant rubber outsole


"Heritage" 6-Tie SteelToe Boot
  •   Electrical Hazard Shock Absorbing
  •   Slip Resistant, Water Resistant
  •   Oiled & Snuffed full-grain Leather
  •    Z welt-stitch &  Heat-Sealing Process
  •   Aggressively Cleated PVC Sole
  •   Wooden Shank for improved mid-foot rigidity
By the way, I've worn the K's twice so far... and the new Doc's, I haven't broken in. They're too pretty!

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