September 29, 2010

A Few Good Collection Pictures.

I've always dreamed of sitting in my own home theater. People around me over the years of my life growing up, they told me of their many dreams, some big, some small. Everyone was always so into cars and dropping tabs or even smoking crack with their cats, and really I couldn't give a crap about cars. This was one of MY dreams and to some it may seem big, to others small; but to me it is a small dream that means something very big. See, I've learned to enjoy the little things, something I implore you all to do as well, but I did dare to dream a bit bigger. So after years and years of dreaming about something like this, I came across a Black Friday sale and went for the half-off deal on this soon to be discontinued tele: A Mitsubishi 60" Class 1080p 120Hz DLP HDTV WD-60C9. The upgrade was Unicron sized.

I still don't have any speakers, and the only negative reviews this TV got were those of Audio (it's not that horrible - but I learn to deal with things). Well, I guess I'll have to wait a while for the 9.1 HD speakers since I'm dead broke... but I didn't buy the thing for Audio. I've gotta adjust volumes sometimes between games, film, and television programs, but it's nothin'. A loud BOOM here and there. Can't fault the thing, it was made to go with a sound system (not its own) and I'd rather spend money on "other stuff".

The following pics are the from top to bottom, the left - then right sides, of four of my eight shelves on the contraption I built years ago. Only a few who view this blog have seen the whole thing since I posted older pics in the past on the now defunct DVDAF message boards. Not much has changed since I haven't been purchasing DVDs lately. That second Gialli Collection Boxset is probably the newest non-Blu purchase and that was ages ago. Still, I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoy staring at the actual thing, for it really is a labor of love.

Meh, I guess I should get out more. Long as nobody knows!

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