June 2, 2013

Alexia Fast gets Dumped in Jack Reacher (2012)

Just a small town girl... whoring in a shitty world... oh, hello Damned Readers. Drunketh here once again with some screenshots of another hot babe I fell instantly in lust with when I watched Jack Reacher (2012) the other day. Tom Cruise, gotta love it right? Yeah. Well this PYT showed up during the middle of the film and caught my interest, which was a good thing since I was about to furiously drown me some pre-cogs out of sheer boredom.

Alexia Fast plays a used and abused girl from a small shit town who's accepted her fate as nothing more in life than a worthless tart destined to be pushed around and discarded. She may not have much for brains, but what she lacks in cranial activity she makes up for in pure unadulterated sultriness and perky boobs. Here she prepares herself for a night out on the town, and judging by the way she's looking herself over, I think she likes what she sees.

Yowza! I like what I'm seeing as well... oh yes. 


When she's approached by a dashing young stranger in the dark-ness, she shows little concern as he greets her with a smile and says her name. She doesn't recognize him however, and in one of the movie's more bafflingly awesome scenes, he tells her that they "were both wasted that night" so he understands why she might not remember him. Being the party girl / super dumb slut that she is, this comment enters her mind as a solid possibility(!) that they must have indeed fucked, and she starts flirting with him.

Now I don't know about you, but it's either a really tragic thing OR something completely fucking awesome to just run into people on the street and have them tell you that the two of you fucked before. Imagine if this shit just happens to her all the time! Hell, imagine if it happened to you all the time!? I'd be like "Man, I totally boned this hot ass babe... I wish I could remember it, but in any case Boo-Yah motherfucker! How you like me now?" She just accepts his story as more than likely what must have happened, "Like, that totally does sound like me so I guess it must be true. *giggle*"

Then the dude looks her over, and noticing how done up and rapeable she looks that night, says "Wow!" Perplexing even to me, her response is to give off a disgusted look. Just take a look at her right here:

Bitch, please! You just acknowledged that you probably got drunk and high off your ass one night and fucked this guy without even realizing it, and that's OK for you, but to be looked at by the same guy as some sort of uber-hot sexual object make you feel disgusted and queasy? Sure... ya know, that's one thing that I never really got about you chicks. You take all that time making yourself up and puckering your succulent red lips in the mirror while fluffing your hair, all the while wearing the sluttiest looking outfit you can squeeze into, and when a guy notices you get all pissy about it.

Did I mention that we fucked at a party two months ago after drinking Jägerbombs all night?
Hello! Drop the attitude lady.

Then again, it's probably better to be careful around strange guys who approach you in the night and insist that you both had a wild night of sex that you can't remember. As he's probably about to murder you!!!

How unfortunate! Trust me when I tell you that her being left in that pile of trash was not done without some blatant and harsh symbolism. Looks to me like somebody was leaving a message to all the world regarding sexy whores and prostitutes. Damn shame though, she was a real "gem".

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The BEST part of the movie ~DENNIS FANDRICK

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