March 11, 2012

Fiore Argento and Anna Ceroli in Trauma (1993)

Asia Argento's half-sisters make an appearance in Dario Argento's Trauma. Anna Ceroli (who a year later died in a motorcycle accident) was part inspiration for this film due to her condition. She and Asia were extremely close, and after her death Asia directed the film Scarlet Diva which is a tribute to her (and also later named her first daughter after her).

Anna Ceroli can be seen during the final moments of the film, dancing with the Reggae Band.
The film ends with the song Ruby Rain and a fade-out on her face with her hair swaying in the wind.

Fiore Argento has a shamefully short scene as the receptionist at the Farraday Clinic when David goes searching for Aura. She's only got a few lines of dialogue but it's still nice to see her nonetheless. Not to mention she looks darn cute here.

Asia Argento was originally supposed to play the detective in The Card Player, which would have been nice to see these two in another film together, but scheduling conflicts got in the way and the role was given to Stefania Rocca.

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