March 18, 2012

Teh Internets Presents: Miss Hannah Minx

It's Hanna Minx appreciation day! Why? Because I said so bitches. Rawk.

Photo Credit to whatever that says up there. Nice picture though.

She did some Elvira cosplay at one point in which Elvira herself did a little mock-up video right back at her. I thought that was a little interesting.

Miss Hannah Minx gets a lot of hate over on her YouTube account. Aside from comments that stem from jealousy, there's remarks about her "pretending to be Japanese" which annoys the shit out of certain people. Also, how she's basically just parading around like a "cheap ass cock-tease" and never just comes out honestly about it. Does she have to? How her channel is simply just "Boobs!", and all the talking is just an excuse to show them off. That she's "annoying as hell" and the "Mute Button was made for her". So on and so forth.

I like Miss Hannah Minx, aside from the obvious reasons... I get it. I take her "personality" and channel at total face value. It's ridiculous. She's got them titties hiked way up and in yer face every video and doesn't ever seem to acknowledge it, but why should you give a fuck? [Take for example the video below where shes starts doing push-ups... I mean, come on.] It's not like she's really being devious or trying to trick people with her boobs. It's totally obvious, she knows it, and I would think that the studio audience knows it too.

Personally, I think she's cute as all hell. She reminds me of my lost but not forgotten Ex in a haunting sort of way... but I can deal with that, in fact, it's what made me a fan in the first place. Plus, I like it when chicks do Cosplay... especially when it's Gothic or Devilish! I happen to think a lot of the "YouTube Personalities" out there are quite shit. I can't stand the featured stuff and find a lot of these popular videos really annoying. Hannah Minx gets irritating after a while (dat voice), but I think her channel is some wholesome, non-family entertainment.

Hmm... "Look at my weights ^_^!" Yeah. I'm lookin' alright.


Unknown said...

Got admit she's pretty damn hot...She's much better with the volume off though.

Tets said...

Nice boobs, but the rest aaaaauugh! Can't stand her BS Japanese talk either. But still, nice boobs. I'd watch for the boobs.

I agree, much better with volume off :D

Did I mention the boobs?

J.M. said...

I've watched her vids in the past and ultimately I always end up asking myself the same question, "Why is this chick not doing porno?"

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