June 5, 2012

Milla Jovovich... Stalked and Slashed!

Let's start off the way I usually like to do things and that's with this pretty lady putting make-up on in the bathroom mirror. Hmm. Just typing that out makes me feel like a weird motherfucker... but you know what? I kinda like that feeling.

I can't be alone in these feelings as I see movies all the time where a girl looks herself over and puts on make-up, pampers herself and shaves various places, or puts her hair up while topless... or even does some amateur cheerleader performances before going at it in a 69 on a stairway. What I'm saying is women are beautiful creatures meant to be stalked admired.

It's as if every little thing they do has a power of its own over me.
She's so pretty! She smells so good! And the way she blatantly ignores me...
It sure is frustrating being so powerless towards this object of my desire.

What's a man to do, in this day and age, to get a little attention from a girl he so doth admire!?
Something unspeakable, perhaps? Yes... oh, oh yes. Indeed.

I'd rather hold hands.

But I'm a hopeless romantic in that sense. Heh.

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Dr Blood said...

I like Milla too.

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