June 9, 2012

Anne Hathaway smokes two joints in Havoc (2005)

She smoked a joint in the morning, then smoked a joint at night... Hey, I'm in a bit of a festive mood. I'm surrounded by beers and got some Chinese food and buffalo chicken wings waiting in the, uh... wings. Ahem. What's the occasion you ask? What the fuck you talking about I do this everyday. But according to my blogger stats, this is my 400th published post. Not that anyone, myself included, gives a shit. So let's celebrate with a BONE!

 Here's a few more pictures of Anne Hathaway from Havoc, having a few bones of her own. *wink*

What is it with that invisible joint gag that's going around?
How much you want to bet that James Franco taught her that shit!?

She proceeds to blow him out of range of the camera.
Once again, what is it with this girl and smoking invisible joints?!

I've really got to get some screenshots from Love and Other Drugs on here. Can't seem to recall why I didn't do it when I rented it a couple months ago. Huh, must have been sober or something.


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I don't know if I should be amused or alarmed that I've seen most of the movies and tv shows you've posted here. :P

I'm the biggest Anne Hathaway fan in the world (probably for different reasons than you) but I hated this film. It was basically Anne just trying to be a serious actress, which of course for a girl in Hollywood means drugs and nudity. Sigh.

That being said, I will admit Anne has an amazing rack. It's refreshing to see a girl with a natural gift, right? Fake ones make me shudder.

DrunkethWizerd said...

I hated this film the first time I saw it as a matter of fact. While I understood what they were doing, I couldn't get past the attitude of the whole thing. It grew on me... yes, the film is still grating and irritating, but it does get better (more tolerable?) the more you masturbate to it.

As for Anne, there's just something strange about her that attracts me. She's not really my type, but I really like her face. I'm a face guy, then an ass guy and everything else comes thirdary to me. I've never particularly cared about boobs, fake or not, but I do prefer them very real and shapely.

In conclusion, thanks for the comment and I hope sometime in the future I can post on Anne H. without showing her all natural boobs. :D

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