December 10, 2011

My Old Snow Jacket.

Two years ago, I was going through a pretty rough time (that'll end when I'm dead no doubt) and really needed something to keep my senses sharp in those dark hours. So naturally I took up sewing! I had some Immortal patches safety pinned unto a pretty banged up, lousy ass looking jacket that was thin as fuck. I took 'em off and decided to get really real real and go buy a thick, sturdy craftsman button up, then add to it some frost protection in the form of roughly 35 patches. The end result is this ridiculously-absurd, peacock-feathered, ultra-heavy, and downright protective winter gear. It's a bit over the top but I was never one to take myself quite so seriously. I did it all by hand over several weeks, using a double stitch and knot technique and a busted up back of a CD case to make sure I didn't drunkenly sew the sleeves together (it happened once or twice).

People often have a difficult time knowing if I'm joking or being serious. I just tell them "I'm joking." Ha!


Toxaemia said...

Really sweet jacket! I had no idea they made that many Immortal patches!

What you've done is definitely more sturdy. I just use safety pins for my patches. Since I am so indecisive. That way I can move them from jacket to jacket or whatever I want to put them on :P

Anthony1138 said...

I used to rock the safety pinned patch look back in the day too. I had an old Misfits jacket that I may have patches sewed down the sleeves. I think there might have been a hoodie or pair of camo pants with a patch sewn on too. But mostly everything else had safety pins. Oh, and buttons. Can't forget those.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Toxaemia, haven't seen you in a while. Still above ground huh? I guess you're one of the "lucky" ones, just like me.

This whole "project" started out with safety pins. I did a lot of testing which was sabotaged later by my drunken hatred of symmetrical-ness. In particular I was spacing things all evenly, but had to provide a little more space along the arms for elbow movement. Doesn't exactly take a genius to figure these things out, but at least I worked it out before I set it all FOR KEEPS.

DrunkethWizerd said...

I meant to say "in addition", not "in particular"... that really doesn't make sense. In particular, I just eventually went off and did some sideways shit on the sides where my arms hang. Let's just say I'm not 100% pleased with my work. But what else is new?

Aaron said...

Nice! I was thinking of taking up sewing as well so I can work on some similar projects. I'd like to get my Death Rattle Black metal logo turned into a patch somehow.

J.M. said...

That's actually pretty damn cool, man. Seems you have quite the love for Immortal too, which is awesome of course. Lots of other killer bands on here too. The inclusion of the Twilight pins is an interesting twist too or was that meant to be serious? I'll definitely have to post some photos of my jacket later on as well as my concert vest maybe next month or something.

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