September 12, 2011

Danzig: Group on White Silkscreen T-Shirt

Here's the front and back to what I believe to be an fairly obvious Bootleg t-shirt... [but you never know, I could be wrong for once (so let me know)]. I think I got this back in 96' at the Pipeline, and of course bought it on sight. It's Very heavy white silkscreen ink on an X-Large black t-shirt. Looks as if someone had drawn outlines or sketches from Danzig photographs and artwork, arranged it with a few original(?) mirrored skull and skeleton drawings and then had the shirt pressed.

Front: Danzig on the Throne.

Back: Beyond the Doors.

Personally, I think whoever did this did an admirable job for such a simplistic and one-hued design. I wore this shirt regularly back in the day as a matter of fact and even after about fifty (more or less) washings, to this day there's only that strange large crease mark in John Christ's face (see above) and also some slight fading on the right portion of the back side. Oh, and the black cloth didn't really fade at all either like many of my older shirts. The fade marks are easily fixable, but I'm not planning on wearing my classic shit anytime soon so why bother?

I just wish I had more information on this one. Seeing as it has been about fifteen years and I've never once seen this design or shirt anywhere online, it doesn't seem probable that I'll find any. Go ahead and bug me if you know where this came from.

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