July 13, 2012

Alucarda's Ultimate Corruption...

...and the Doctor who knew too little.

Mark of... the Devil!?

After Justine is brutally whipped and tortured to death by the priests and nuns sworn to "protect" her, Dr. Oszek enters the room and is horrified and disgusted by their barbaric, savage acts. "Release her damn you!" He finds Alucarda also strung up and clinging to life. "I'm taking this girl with me... before you kill her! As you killed Justine!" The nuns are ashamed of what has transpired, and cry in front of Justine's naked and bloodied body. The Doctor takes Alucarda back to his home, trusting that she is indeed not possessed as that would be rather unscientific, and lays her down in his daughter's bed.

Alucarda begins screaming in her sleep and is frightened when she awakes to find Oszek hovering over her. She of course freaks out when the doctor tries to touch her... but at that moment, his hot, young and not to mention blind daughter Daniela, walks in. "Don't be scared darling. She just had a nightmare." Alucarda is immediately intrigued by this strange girl. You can see that look of fiendish desire, that devious gleam in her eyes. "May I stay with her for a little hwhile father?" Daniela asks. The Doctor sees no problem with leaving his susceptible daughter in the grasp of this wrongfully persecuted and misunderstood young lady, no not at all.

Alucarda: "I'm afraid of dreams. The things I see are so real." Spoken just like her mother. She looks over the glossy eyed princess before asking her a question: "Have we ever met before?"

Daniela: "I don't think so. Because, I do remember people's voices." Daniela then caresses Alucarda's face before telling her how pretty she is.

Alucarda: "...and you are beautiful. Please don't go. Stay with me!" With that, another rainbow connection is formed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Oszek is, for some reason or another, doing a bit of reading up on SATAN.

He looks at the book, throws it down and yells "Rubbish. Pure Rubbish!"

Indeed it is.

Innocence.... From Hell!?

Was Alucarda born pure evil? 

Early in the film, while out and frolicking about, Alucarda and Justine stop as a group of robed men carry a coffin through the field. Alucarda knew the girl apparently, as she speaks her name and how she will soon be buried in unhallowed ground. Though very little to nothing is known about this girl Cynthia, who had recently "killed herself", and one may speculate that perhaps this girl had shared the room with Alucarda just before Justine's arrival. It is a strange coincidence.

Or it could be nothing. Right? Alucarda is after all, an observer of peoples. Though, on that same note, she doesn't seem to observe so much for too long without somehow becoming involved with matters eventually. That of course being due to her sexual intrusiveness and attempted subdued anger. 

Was Cynthia's body being carried away just something that Alucarda and Justine stumbled upon while giggling and roaming throughout the flowers? It's an interesting question. Alucarda brought Justine out there the first time after all, which led to a place where the strange Gypsy man and his goat faced wife taught them about forbidden interests. So then are we to assume that by chance, they had come across these burial rites?

It's as if Alucarda desired, nay, needed, to see this event. Even with the newly appointed Justine at her side. Death, and love, after all, is what interests Alucarda the most... and what better a way to bring up both of those subjects to a potential new lover? But if that is the case, is she acting strictly out of pure "EVIL" and lustful ambitions? Or is she simply mourning the loss of her previous girlfriend?

Perhaps both?

Sisters.... of Satan!?

After Alucarda looks on in bone chilling terror as Daniella loses her balance amongst the chaos and falls (for about five minutes in slow motion) down the stairs unto a skeleton, her life is like, sooo totally over. She's truly horrified at this moment. Even though she admittedly was beginning to go Bat-Shit crazy.

Was she planning on saving this girl from what she perceived to be the ultimate evil? She seems so intent on taking her with her, not out of lust mind you, but out of a caring nature. It's difficult to tell as she's painted in such a negative light. But negative light often brings forth the beauty and salvation in a gut wrenching soul aching to be free. Whatever the hell that means.

Was Alucarda not damaged once or twice by the time of Daniella's accident, but three times? What if Cynthia was Alucarda's first lesbian lover? Imagine in such a short time span, losing not only your first love, but the next two loves of your life. It's no wonder to me why Alucarda faded into dust.... Her anger had grown so strong from being deprived all this time of what she so desired the most. Love. Love with another young woman like herself, yes, but love nonetheless! So sad.

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