April 1, 2012

Custom Bird with the Crystal Plumage Poster.

Here are some shitty snapshots of my old Bird With The Crystal Plumage hand drawn compilation poster started in '03 and finished in '05 (no motivation). I've always liked it for what it is, and it is HUGE, but with all my work, I see major flaws everywhere. Sadly, I couldn't get a straight up frontal pic of this due to the heavy pencil indents gleaming from the flash (and with no flash, no detail), but I'll work on that, hopefully.

About the pic and why I did it? I love Dario Argento and all his films. When I was younger and getting into his movies (only having seen about one or two of them), I was always fascinated by the poster art... especially the Italian poster art! Back in the early 2000's I took a pile of pictures from the film that I liked, mixed it with existing poster artwork and created a hand drawn medley of violence. Some of the choices I made with my art, I don't fully appreciate now... but I really don't give a fuck after all is said and not done. I'm not perfect, and if I were, I'd be perfect. So here's some detail shots:

I may not be too good at overall compositions, but I do know what love is.


Anthony1138 said...

That is one badass poster. Better than a lot of the crap Mondo churns out. I'd proudly hang it on my wall.

Tets said...

Man that is pretty damn well done. I love the shading on the faces. I wish I could do stuff like that with a pencil.

All I can do is break them, sharpen them and stab people with them. Not always in that order though.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Tets, you're one fucked up number!

Maynard Morrissey said...

omfg, this is just awesome. how long did it take to draw it?

DrunkethWizerd said...

Don't remember. That box in the middle left with the hot chick spacing out in front of that straight razor... I drew that first, and loved how it looked so much that I abandoned the rest of the project for fear that I'd ruin it. Two years later or about, I did the rest in a couple days.

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