April 23, 2012

Asia Argento in Love Bites. Finale.

Hello! And welcome to Part 3 of the Asia Argento in Antoine de Caunes' "Les Morsures de l'aube" spankfest!
Let's get right into it, shall we?

That's right, show me your O face!
I'm excited too. We'll start off with a little bit of Asia Argento in bondage. Yeah, baby! Nothin' hotter than a Goth chick duct taped to a radiator, begging and screaming, her oblong box buzzing in the hot mist, all the while being molested...

... by her Brother!? Ahhh!!1 What in the fuck. Shit just got realz.

 I was really hoping to hear more of her screaming, but I suppose her dirty panties in the mouth with suffice.

I've got roughly 50 films where either French is the country of origin, some scenes are shot there, or the language is spoken apparently... I know that about 35 of them are actual French films. That being said, I'm not really well versed in French film. I've never studied it or anything, but have always rather picked and chosen what I desired from the country - be it Horror or Erotica (or a mix of both). The main reason I bought Love Bites, obviously, is Asia. If I watched this all the way through, and she wasn't in it, there's no way that I would keep it, or let alone buy it. It's not to say that it's incredibly boring or anything, but it's mostly all talk and nightclubs. Both of which I hate.

Still, Asia looks absolutely beautiful in this. Especially at the end when she's all wet and gleaming.

Just like Michele Soavi's 'The Church' many years ago, this film also ends with Asia Argento slowly looking at something, mystified... and smiling just before the credits roll. Of course, this time around we see what she sees. Nevertheless, I do find that a bit interesting.

Love Bites!
And so does this movie.

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