February 4, 2010

Shit Teh Web #1: Skeletor/Beastman

Brandon DiCamillo is an intriguing fellow.

Now I’m not going to lie here. I know jack shit about CKY or their crew, I never really watched Jackass or Bam’s show, and generally I think actions such as pissing on your friend’s faces while they sleep is a bit too juvenile for me to enjoy on a regular basis. I’m not into skateboarding despite being from perhaps a city most well known for surfing and skating, I was a metal head not too much concerned about punk music while all of this shit went on, and my unnatural fear of shopping carts just kept me from enjoying all of the festivities.

But I still love prank videos. And my fondness for all things horrible has led me to seek out some of Gnarkill’s material. Brandon is from what I’ve seen, first of all, fuckin’ nuts! But add to that the fact that his aura and style is Brutal, Raw, uncaring and popped-cherry on the top funny… makes him just f’n unbelievable. Naturally charismatic and random as all shit, he seems to be most surely the loose cannon life of the bunch. Skeletor “VS” Beastman (a song and video that not only stunned me as I instantly proclaimed it greatness!) has probably the best rhythm, beats and lyrical flow out of all the stuff from him I have heard. Plus, the song is just gay as all hell, which makes it a whole lot funnier. Let's face it.

Oh yeh, and his Chinese Freestyle rap, is nothing short of Pure Brilliance! Check em out.

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KFelon said...

The CKY DVDs are always good for a laugh if you want to see friends doing stupid shit to each other and other random people from the safety of your own couch.

*Fun Fact* The Beastman vs Skeletor video is available on the very earliest print run of the CKY 4 DVD, but removed from later print runs due to the toy manufacturer Mattel throwing a shit fit.

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