February 15, 2010

TF's: 2/14/2010

Fuck to the yes. Masterpiece Skywarp. After the last year of seeing these on the shelves at Walmart for 60$ and online for 80$, finally, it goes on Clearance. 30$ out of ye ol’ bank account and I am now formally introduced to my very favorite toy... EVER! This jet (a redeco of MP Starscream of course) is ridiculously badass! It’s a f’n piece of art, and it makes me feel good to be alive enough to just stare at the thing on my desk. Not only does it look damn beautiful aside it G1 counterpart, it just outshines everything around it. It’s got so many cool little features that make it special, like the opening nosecone, adjustable thrusters and even a hidden face! Yeah, one grimacing and one smirking.

I got the US version obviously. It differs from the Japanese version in a few ways: They’ve got a way better box to hold the set. The US packaging shown above is decent (kind of shitty), but the Japanese version is serious collectors stuff. The Jap version comes with stickers (!) while the US version is all painted (and there are various different details). I like the paintjob on the US version so there’s no complaint (US Skywarp looks a lot more like the original toy which is a big deciding factor), and I had a choice of a few different figures so I got one without flaws. But I do miss stickers… Then there’s the price difference, say about 80 - 100$ or so compared to what I paid. So uh, yeah, rock on.

Here's a GALLERY of the Japanese version (they don’t have one of the US) if you’re interested.


KFelon said...

Man I wish I had kept all my original Transformers. I've got several sealed RiD ones, but it just doesn't compare to having the originals.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Sorry to hear about your loss.

What RID figs do you have? I got Japanese Optimus(Fire Truck) and Magnus(Carrier) which combine together. Also Japanese Prowl (Police). Gave US Galvatron away to an ungrateful beyotch... and I've got convention fembots Roulette and Shadow Striker that are really great revisions of Side with new heads and paintjobs.

KFelon said...

I have an Optimus (Firetruck) and I think I have a couple smaller dual pack figures as well. They're all in a large moving box somewhere in the attic. I don't really collect the figures or keep up with the latest Transformer toys, but I always enjoy looking at them. I enjoy you Transformer posts and look forward to seeing more in the future.

KFelon said...

I also think I have a Megatron, but I honestly can't remember if its the RiD dragon or Armada Tank.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Thanks. I'll post some of my more rare shit later on.

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