July 31, 2013

Selena Gomez gets Corrupted in Spring Breakers (2012)

...and if by "Corrupted" I mean she drinks a half pint of ginger flavored brandy, sings a little Britney Spears, smokes a whole cigarette by herself and then cries like a little bitch when things get hard then yes... like, totally corrupted!

Gorgeous Gomez here plays the "church grrl" stock character who of course becomes the first to break down and abandon the pussy pact. She's pretty quiet for the most part, aside from the moments she's sobbing and whining about going home. And she isn't nearly quite as annoying as Vanessa Hudgens's character who kept making this retarded finger gun silent *pow* gesture throughout the whole damn movie. Lame!

She gets her drink on...

...does a little time (presumably for being a mega hot chick?)...

...then James Franco sends her on her lonesome little way.

 And she's gone, just as quick as she showed up, you never see her again for the rest of the movie. Maybe she wasn't blonde enough. It could have been worse I guess. She could have gotten shot or even fucked Franco's character Alien. Oh wait, that would have been awesome.

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