November 15, 2011

Dracula's Pub Light-Up Sign from BigLots

Check this out! Who say's you can't shop at BigLots and respect yourself afterwards? "It's October, Halloween just passed, fools kickin' down doors wearin' X-Men masks!" I haven't even lit the fucker up yet... but I just couldn't live without this on my wall (or for the pic, my bookshelf, as it were). Got it half-price on Sale because hey, I ain't payin' 16$ unless I get to drink the damn thing.

Totally sweet though, huh? I mean, I love to drink... and I've drank blood on multiple occasions (I miss her too!). Plus, Vampires are the fuckin' cool as beer and well, let's just leave it at that. Regardless of all, it's a damn cool looking item and I'm displaying it proudly all year round. Just as I do my skeleton hands, rotting jack-o-lanterns from many Halloweens past (gotta keep those darn kids off my lawn somehow), and well, ninja stars and nunchaku on the walls just attract the bitches like no other. I am after all, a samurai-sword wielding nerdling of the malt drowning apocalypse. Gettin' laid... even if it means they're gettin' Slayed! For Realz.


Larry Taylor said...

That is kickass. Need to check out Big Lots here for one.

The Man-Cave said...

Very sweet decoration choice. Haven't seen a Big Lots since I left FL though or I'd get that too.

Mister Bones said...

I bought one this year too!

Anthony1138 said...

Makes me wish I had a Big Lots near by.

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