November 23, 2010

Macabre Dreams 5

Gutted! (1998) Pencil and Blood on Paper. Just how I felt afterwards. A lot of little personal change ups this time around that some skeleton hand wearing bloggers around the net may appreciate. Yes, I gotta pair of em too Death Rattle. As a matter of fact, Skeleton print long sleeves and outfits are by far my favorite type of clothing. You see that Canadian dude that actually tattooed the shit all over himself? Badass!



Mister Bones said...

Digging the art dude, I don't have time to draw much anymore since the kids came along.

Really impressed with the hair on these ladies, hair is something I always had trouble with.

DrunkethWizerd said...

Thanks man.

The hair I really got a hold of during those first, third and fourth pics from this series I posted. I feel as if I really mastered it right there. When I would get really baked it would just flow from my fingers.

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