March 4, 2012

Asia Argento in Dario Argento's Trauma (1993)

In Dario Argento's 1993 American film Trauma, Asia Argento stars as Aura, a troubled and anorexic young girl who's just escaped from the Farraday Clinic. And she's apparently thinking about jumping off a bridge! That's when a man driving along in his SUV, played by the wild-eyed Christopher Rydell, spots her and immediately runs to her aid. He notices that the poor, sixteen year old, runaway girl is in some sort of trouble, so he takes her in as his own (which is always a great idea).

"Nothing... I was just admiring your beautiful bracelet."
After grilling her for info and buying her lunch, she is spotted by two 'escapee collectors' from the clinic and chows down on a grilled cheese sandwich (with attitude), before running to the bathroom to immediately puke it back up, and not to mention get the hell out of there (with her concerned new buddy's wallet).

She does a lot of screaming in this movie.
...and pouting.
...and crying while she touches her face.
Later, back at her new friend's apartment, Aura gets herself a bit more comfortable...

What a weird ass looking bra.

...while he conveniently walks by. And just in time too. Daw yeahz.

Later, after being turned in by her new friend's jealous bitch of a fuck-buddy, Aura is force fed a bit of mind-opening drugs berries from her doctor so she can remember the horrible events of the previous night's murders! She begins to seriously trip out for a while... seeing a floating woman in white above the fire, and then she ponders the insides of a VHS cassette.

In fact, she touches her face throughout nearly all of the film and makes orgasmic faces 80% of the time.

An honest reaction to seeing that VHS ripped apart.
She of course starts to relive the moments after the horrific beheading murder of her parents, where she stands in the rain and screams and screams and screams some more.

There are quite a few people out there that think it's really weird for Dario to have his daughter get naked in the first film he's directed her in (or in any film he's directed her in as well). I don't really have too much of an opinion on that other than I'm sure glad he did it, because wow-za! And I'm pretty sure she didn't mind anways, because for Asia Argento, getting nude or topless is just one of those things that she just constantly does. Artfully speaking.


Aaron said...

This is one of the few movies where Asia's over-acting works for me. Also, that first picture of Asia perfectly sums up how I feel about her as an actress. Not a huge fan, and she looks way too much like Dario for me to consider her sexy!

James Gracey said...

I really like Asia as an actress - when she's good (The Heart is Deceitful) she's really good! I don't think her performances for her father are amongst her best work (see Phantom of the Opera and Mother of Tears), but I really liked her in Trauma. Ghastly dubbing aside, I also thought she was pretty good in The Stendhal Syndrome. She does 'disturbed' very well! :)

Amanda said...

I couldn't bring myself to finish this movie because I was too bored. Did she and the guy ever have sex? That's what I was waiting for the whole time hahaha. I think she was really pretty in this...she was so young! And haha her orgasmic looking faces the whole time were really getting ridiculous...
Do you have a fascination with Asia? I feel like I've seen you post about her several times, but I could be wrong haha

DrunkethWizerd said...

You know, if she and he ever had sex I guess it's up to you. Because just like in Leon: The Professional, nothing is shown. Though, the later alludes to it more than this one. He does explicitly kiss her on the mouth and and act as if he's fucked her once or twice(as does she), but uh, I never really thought about it all too much until you asked. ;)

Maynard Morrissey said...

Oh Asia, you hot, hot horror goddess!
Trauma is probably Dario's best 90s movie, very stylish, very suspenseful and with some freakin' awesome kills

Highlight of Trauma is definitely Asia who gives a terrific performance - oh, and her tits look fabulous :)

Amanda said...

OMG wait a second: they had sex in The Professional? Or alluded to it? STOP. I haven't seen that movie in so loooong but I loved it when I was younger and never got that from viewing it...because I was clearly young and stupid. Ew I don't want to think of them having sex!

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