February 8, 2012

Sadie Frost as Lucy Westenra in Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)

I've always found Lucy Westenra to be an intriguing character. Perhaps it the "girl next door" type quality... well, maybe not "next door" per se, but "the girl next door to the girl next door I'm stalking, and since I've got some time, let's let the corruption commence!" type of girl. She's been portrayed many a time by various actresses, and a lot of those times her role has become intermingled with Mina's character (Which I'm cool with, but do not prefer at all!). I like my Lucy as a stand alone slut. Always have and will. Sadie Frost (who should always be blonde) made a perfect Lucy.

She's so hot that she gets her own open glass coffin. Got a problem with that... girls from Massachusetts?

After abducting small children to feast on their blood (total newb move), she gets caught by poachers.

Her sexy charm wears off quickly... as she's cold, pale white, and feeding on human flesh. Personally, I'd still go for it.

Van Helsing pulls out his "instrument", and the sexy young thing retreats...

...back into her coffin.

That is of course, before awakening suddenly...

...and spraying that fuck all over...

...with the blood of innocent children! Take that, beyotch.
Sadly of course, after that she lays back down, Van Helsing and the girl's three potential/former lovers proceed to stab her through the heart and chop off her head. :(

I'm calling bullshit on this finish. Not... cool! Not cool.

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