May 6, 2012

Rose McGowan is Smoking in Lewis and Clark and George!

 That's right. Smokin'... and Stealin'... and Showin'... and uh, Killin'.

In the 1997 fuck 'em and shoot 'em road flick Lewis and Clark and George, Rose McGowan plays a mute girl presumably named George (the name is printed on her shirt) who goes around flirting with suckers guys, before snapping a Polaroid of them and robbing them blind of all their shit!  How sweet. She meets up with two escaped convicts, Lewis and Clark, who are in possession of a Spanish treasure map leading to some of that there gold. Do these two boys stand a chance of making bank with a hot bitch like this coming between them?

I've always had a thing for Rose McGowan. Doom Generation, Devil in the Flesh, Jawbreaker, Scream, Planet Terror... those films are all like wet dreams of mine. I happen to think she looks especially cute in one of the film's earlier scenes where she flirts with a good ol' country boy and then jacks his truck while he goes off to get her some coffee. She drives off while propping the picture of his dumb face on the dashboard. That's some fucked up shit.

And aside from the scene where she mimes singling along to "Where the boys are", another favorite of mine back when I saw this at the ripe young age of sixteen was when she shows her boobs. What can I say? I like Smokin' girls who show off the goodies. Not to mention that this movie just totally kicks all sorts of ass!

If you haven't seen it then I suggest doing so immediately. Unfortunately the DVD isn't anamorphic. But it is one fine damn movie filled with laughs and tons of sex and people getting shot every five minutes. Nice.

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