February 10, 2013

Chloë Grace Moretz hits Puberty in Dark Shadows (2012)

Guess who just turned sweet sixteen today. That's right, Chloë Grace Moretz, the phenomenal young actress who's been splashing red stuff around the horror genre and making waves... of blood, that is. Chloë is one of those "smart beyond her years" young starlets of film, much akin to Dakota Fanning or AnnaSophia Robb, only much, much more grumbly and sultry. Both she and Dakota have played vampires in films thus far, so it looks like we're waiting on AnnaSophia to quit making bullshit like the Carrie Diaries *vomit* and get fangin'!

Until then, here are a few screenshots of this enchanting, pouty princess as Carolyn in Tim Burton's abysmal feature film "Dark Shadows". While the movie wasn't much of anything special, it did have its moments. One moment in particular is Chloë wearing this collar-like choker. G-r-owl.

She's so moody. I think you know what that means. ;)

Moody and Furry. The perfect combination.

That's right. She's a Werewolf. "Deal with it!"  Or something.

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