February 25, 2012

Neve Campbell is Dirty in When Will I Be Loved (2004)

Dirty and Naughty! ... and showering. That's right. It's about time that Neve Campbell gets naked! 

Kinda. Well, that's my so called life... you know, ever since Party of Five caught my attention, and then came The Craft... and after that, Scream(!), I've been so obsessed with this Neve that I've got uber-realistic, paper mache life-size sex dolls in her likeness all over my mom's basement. All wet and rotting n' shit. Gotta make some new ones soon, but it's hard to do so, being so attached to the one's I've defiled already. Aw, shucks. Anyways, here's some pictures of her from whatever movie I was talking about:

Neve Campbell has a very provocative and arousing scene in this film where she engages in the ever so complicated Fully Clothed Sex. I myself am particularly fond of fully clothed sex scenes, though, I'm not really sure why. Gregory Lamberson directed one of them in his film Slime City actually, and it worked out pretty well with how the whole film flowed... vibewise (that a word?). I think the scene works out well here too. Plus I just love the looks on Neve's face as she's gettin' it from the back.

What an amazing bathroom!

Not the most flattering shot of her arm hair.

"When Will I Be Loved" has bookend shower scenes of Neve Campbell nude and they'll really tastefully done I'd say. There's a maturbatory sequence, but most of the time she just washes her hair. And she washes it a lot. Her hair in this movie is actually a character in itself. She also stares at herself in the mirror a lot too. As for the film itself, there's a good chance that if you were to see it, you'd most likely end up seriously hating it. Perhaps I'll go through the chore sometime soon and let you know with a review. We'll see.

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Maynard Morrissey said...

Oh Neve... the love of my youth. Probably one of the hottest and most gorgeous American actresses of all time. I love that woman!

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