March 27, 2013

Genesis Rodriguez sheds tears in Casa de mi Padre (2012)

Yeah, so I watched Casa de mi Padre a while back and you know what, it was pretty good for funky little spanish language Mexican genre-tribute flick starring Will Ferrell. That was the big draw apparently, that he speaks some interestingly entertaining white-guy version of español (which is something you don't ever see evur from any actors out there) and on top of that as an added bonus, the movie just happens to be fucking bizarre as all hell! It's the kind of flick that you'll have to see to believe. And while viewing it, you're not going to believe it could be so outrageous, yet take itself so "seriously". I guess that's part of its charm.

The laughs aren't easy, the situations are all seriously awkward and the drama is way over the top. And you know the fun part about it all? It's all meant to be that way. This is a weird fucking movie. But it's totally charming and filled with a lot of great moments and drug-induced character interactions that'll keep things interesting. A lot of people I've talked to say they can't stand that Will Ferrell son of a bitch, but I really don't give a shit either way. I like about half of his stuff I guess. His movies definitely go along better with hot chicks involved though. He may have gotten the second best scene in Old School when he shot that fuckin' dark into his own neck, but the real honor goes to Elisha Cuthbert laying belly down in her panties. Dark lord be unmerciful. 

And in that movie he was married to Leah Remini! If you only knew the amounts of splooge I jizzed from my fat little pre-teenage chode back in the day, watching her get pimped slapped by Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell, then you'd know how much of a goddess she truly is. Even now in the day along side Kevin James, all prego and stuffed to the gills, I'd still be all over that. No fucking doubt about it man. What the hell was I talking about again? Oh right. Genesis Rodriguez, or something. Yeah, so Will Ferrell marries this hot as all fuck bitch in his new movie too. Is this guy a mad hot slut magnet or what?! Maybe he can stop time like Zack did and then take his time to properly molest these women's minds. 

Genesis doesn't do all that much here (for a main character) but look totally hot and pretty, stand around and sob, and look totally pretty and hot while she does it. Well, she does take off that wedding gown and attempt to kill herself (hot!) and I think at one point she fucks a white tiger in the desert (mega-hot!), but I could have been drunk when I was watching this so who knows. All I know is that I was very pleased to have her here, and at the same time very disappointed that I didn't get to see her sweet, sweet boobs. But I guess that sort of thing makes me want her even more. *creep stare* 

Has anyone ever seen the movie called "Mafia" starring Jay Mohr (an actor who I think is totally awesome by the way)? This was way back in the day before all those "Movie" Movies got popular. He played a young and coming up gangster, in a world that totally sucked ass... at least for the viewer. There was a Chucky reference, they did a Forrest Gump thing, nothing was funny and the whole movie sucked balls! Dude, it was horrid! I haven't seen it in about twelve years or so but I'll tell you that the movie left me with some deep emotional scarring. I wonder how that movie holds up now compared to all the other bullshit non-movie, pop-culture tribute-flicks in the new series being released. Casa de mi Padre sort of reminded me of it for some weird reason. Only this movie kicked its balls into outer space!

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