March 25, 2013

Jack Torrance's REDRUM shirt!

There was a time when I visited teefury every morning before work. I've only actually purchased three t-shirts from them, but I still enjoyed seeing what would be the limited release for the day since I'm a lover of artistic endeavors and well... ya know, cool shirts n' stuff. It's a damn shame that 90% of the time they're popping off Doctor Who shit and nothing else (aside from Firefly and Star Trek/Wars or whatever else bullshit mainstream nerdling sci-fi). It gets pretty annoying after a while. And not just for me. Many have complained. But sometimes... and by sometimes I mean, every few years... you'll get lucky when you check it. For instance the True Blood shirt I bought there! I got lucky on 5-26-12 on a usual groggy 4AM trip to the computer:

Art by Jimiyo. [I also purchased this guy's Skeleton Sonic the Hedgehog shirt too but the fuckers printed it crooked so I only wear it to work were it'll get thrashed to shit.] This shirt however, quickly ascended the ranks of my very favorite shirts to wear when I'm not busting my ass working eighteen hours a day. The shirt looks great, I've gotten tons of compliments, a lot of strange looks, and there's always that weird moment when I run into someone wearing a regular Jack Dagniels shirt and we trade off winks and snappy-finger-point alcoholic-bonding moments. Only my shirt is totally way more badass than theirs. They know it, and I know it. Here's hoping that Tee Fury drops the bullshit and lays down some more black horror shirts sometime soon.

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