May 23, 2013

Kate Beckinsale conjures The Baroness in Total Rekall (2012)

There wasn't really much that I could remember (or is that... Recall? *DrEvil*) concerning this unexciting 2012 Colin Farrell flick "Total Wackage". Well, aside from Kate Beckinsale being in it and looking totally smokin'-fuckin' hot! She took the sleek, sexy, sinister, sultry and sardonic babe role to the next level with her portrayal of a totally sleek, sexy, sinister, sultry and sardonic bitch with a sour-lime twist. Making me horny as a motherfuck in the process.

I found it particularly exciting how she got off with that gun pointed at her neck. 

She showed a bit of some cat-like reflexes...

...and then she got wet!

Taking it to the streets with some skin-tight hotness and some fucking drone robots (just for good measure I guess) was a smart move on the filmmaker's part. Myself? Well, I personally would have had her naked getting fucked by said robots. But I guess tight black clothing and/or leather is a nice choice for the PG-12 crowd.

I couldn't help but picture Sienna Miller as the Baroness while I watched Kate Beckinsale go all out and kick some ass with a fury in Total Rekall. There's just something about a slim and sexy brunette wearing tight black clothing and wielding heavy artillery that really turns me on.

Fact of the matter is this: Kate Beckinsale is a total babe, and whether or not she's trying to kill me in my dreams... I'm just glad she's there at all. ;)

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